Tanya Lewis Wells, in 2005 established Studio10 Cosmetics and formed a team to perform hair styling, hi-def makeup and competition spray tanning services for amateur and professional bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini professional and amateur athletes. In conjunction, Tanya went on to provide hi-def makeup and/or tanning services for sports magazines, celebrity exercise DVD’s for reality television stars such as VH1's Basket Ball Wife Jennifer William's, SELF Magazine, HEART & Soul Magazine, extreme sports celebrity greats  such as 8x Mr.Olympis Ronnie Colman, IFBB PRO Kevin Levrone, 8x Mrs.Olympia Lenda Murray, current Mr.Olympia Shawn Rhoden , IFBB PRO Don Long and various others athletes, music artists  and talent  in the sports and entertainment industries.  

In 2017 Tanya established Studio10 Bodybuilding and became a sanctioned Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini promoter under the National Gym Association (NGA) established in 1978 under owner Andrew Bostinto.  It was in 2017 that Tanya joined forces with her then client Rotunda Mobley and launched the IRON GIRLz bodybuilding competition. In 2019 Tanya left the NGA and joined the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding (OCB) as a sanctioned promoter for one of the largest natural drug-free competitive bodybuilding organizations on the East coast under owner Matt Shepley.  In 2019 Tanya signed a sports host contract with WBGR Sports Network to both host and produce a segment highlighting the athletes that makeup the extreme sports industry such as bodybuilding. 





Rotunda "Ro" Mobley, a single mother to two retired emergency room nurse that spent 21 years in the medical industry found her calling in life and became a natural bodybuilder competitor after going from 329lb to 139lb! With the combined breadth of knowledge from her nursing career and learning about nutrition, strength training and weight loss techniques  became a certified personal trainer and  established Designing Bodies by Ro.  Today Ro is trainer to those looking to take control of their health, trainer to competitors and still  a competitor herself with a growing portfolio and network spanning 15+ years making her one of the most sought after personal trainers on the East Coast. 

Ro later established a non-sanctioned bodybuilding expo showcasing both client transformations and those who have changed their physique through her training, tailored nutrition plan and supplement recommendation introduced them to the world of natural bodybuilding.  Today, Ro provides personal training to multiple fitness facilities, runs a training program for disabled vets and continues to lead the way mind, body and soul to WHOLE BODY WELLNESS.